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PrintDerek Smart played one round to get his name out. He had to settle for being one of the top five draft prospects in this last decade. The next one wasn’t a rookie pick, and that was at the end of his junior year.

If you want to be sure you didn’t miss any draft mistakes or drafts that did have a problem with draft position, please enter a dummy vote below.

The first draft is always important. You just have to know when the draft day is, because there are a lot of mock drafts that do not have any picks in the first round. Injuries to some players, or picks that are undervalued by some players, aren’t necessarily part of a draft. I’m sure the following is what you can expect out of your picks.

1. Derek Smart has to show maturity to get in this draft. (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

It could be argued that the above is a huge factor. With Smart as a rookie, his best opportunity to prove his worth in the draft is likely to be at the Pro Day.

That means if he does come out of the Draft Scouting Combine without a single pick in the first round and then gets picked No. 1 on Wednesday morning, he will not have many chances to show his draft pedigree in the NFL.

In this case, smart’s second-round game plan was very different to the one his first year in college. After being a third-level NFL draft prospect who only played one regular season game in college before signing with Indianapolis, he was sent on the practice squad. Smart will still be competing with fellow rookie, Aaron Donald, for the starting quarterback job, but Smart was never expected to be in the NFL. The only thing he showed on Wednesday night was the ability to handle the play as much as ever before at quarterback.