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An official at the International Maritime Enforcement Agency, which patrols the East China Sea, told reporters in Beijing on Thursday that the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for an investigation by Hong Kong police on the rights of the Chinese man in a bid to find out how he got to the airport and what was going on in his city.

“China calls the authorities but we have not got it,” Hong Kong Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Zhongtao told lawmakers in Beijing. “At present we have received no response,” Yang said.

The Beijing government has not asked Hong Kong for an investigation by the U.S. and its allies in the East China Sea, according to the official, adding the government also doesn’t want “any other jurisdiction [in the region]. But we also want international law to stand firm, international law to be respected,” Yang said.

A Hong Kong police spokesman said the investigation would go nowhere as no one has asked for an explanation and the police would investigate and resolve the issue “according to the laws and regulations of all the government jurisdictions.” It would also take time, experts said.

The Chinese man has refused to provide his name because he claims his rights are protected by international law.

Hackers broke into a laptop belonging to Hong Kong-based internet provider NetCom Inc. on Friday and stole $50 million ($28 million) worth of sensitive data, according to people briefed on the matter. The stolen $50 million was later used by the government of China to pay a third party for information on the attackers and later was used to pay for travel costs for another customer to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government announced Tuesday.

The hackers, including a hacker with ties to Chinese intelligence, used a stolen laptop in connection with the breach, and in late October they took over a mobile app that hosted the data, according to authorities.

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